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How to DOUBLE the Conversion Rate of Your Google AdWords Ads

Beating Adwords Best Practices

Getting Serious: Ninja Ad Words

Setting up Yahoo Search Campaigns

Setting up MSN AdCenter Campaigns - Part 1

Setting up MSN AdCenter Campaigns - Part 2

Quality Score Exposed Part 1

Quality Score Exposed Part 2


Other PPC tips:

- never put more then 10-20 keywords in a single adgroup.
This means that in order to get high CTR and conversions it's suggested to create tightly related keyword groups. Only put more than 20 keywords when you're testing if a certain keyword set gets any impressions.

- follow the "relevancy" rule. Your keywords need to be closely related to your ads and your ads need to be closely related to landing page. This means that you need to mention the keyword you're bidding on in ad title and in ad body. Main keyword in your link helps.

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